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El Paso County, Colorado, is a region of diverse landscapes and thriving communities, making it an attractive destination for those looking to build their perfect custom home. The cost of land here varies significantly, with most suitable plots for custom homes ranging on average between $200K to $400K. Here, we'll explore the factors influencing land prices in El Paso County, focusing on areas like Black Forest, Colorado Springs, and Monument. We'll also provide insights into the costs to develop your land so you can begin to plan financing your custom home in Colorado.


What Factors Influence Land Prices in El Paso County?

Understanding Land Costs

When embarking on a custom home project, the first step often involves acquiring land. Some builders offer land as part of a package deal, which can simplify the process, but this will also confine you to where that company builds. This is a significant reason why many choose to scout out their own piece of land and have more control over the size of their lot, the location, the proximity to amenities, and the surrounding scenery. When purchasing land separately, it's crucial to consider this cost as part of your total investment so as to not overextend your budget. 


Evaluating Lower-Priced Lots

Lower-priced lots in El Paso County may seem attractive, but they often come with hidden challenges. For instance, a lot might lack access to municipal water or have no water rights for drilling a well. It's essential to research why a lot has remained on the market or why its price is low to determine if it's worth the investment for development. Additionally, these lots may be located in less accessible areas or may have legal or zoning issues that complicate construction. Understanding these factors is crucial in assessing whether a low-priced lot is a bargain or a potential money pit. You should always consult with experts, such as real estate agents and builders, to get a comprehensive understanding of the lot's true value.


Researching Utilities and Other Costs

The availability of utilities significantly impacts land costs. In urban areas like Colorado Springs, lots may have municipal utilities readily available, with costs primarily involving tap fees and connecting utilities to your house. In contrast, rural areas may require additional investments like drilling wells and installing septic systems, which can range from $12K to $80K for wells and $15K to $35K for septic systems. The cost of gas, electricity, and other utilities also varies based on location and accessibility.

It's important to note that these utility costs can significantly increase the overall budget of a building project. Prospective landowners should also consider the long-term implications of these utilities, such as maintenance and operational costs. Consulting with utility companies and local authorities can provide a clearer picture of these expenses, helping you properly plan your budget.


The Importance of a Soil Test

Before purchasing land, consider conducting a sub-surface soil test. This test, usually under $1K, can provide peace of mind by revealing the presence of clay, which might necessitate an expensive over-dig. A soil test can also uncover other potential issues, such as soil stability, drainage problems, or contamination, which could significantly impact construction plans and costs. Understanding the soil composition is crucial for determining the type of foundation required for your home, which can be a major cost factor. Additionally, soil tests can help in planning landscaping and drainage solutions, ensuring the long-term stability and integrity of the property and your custom home.


Additional Costs of Land Preparation

Preparing land for construction can involve excavating, clearing trees, leveling the land, or demolishing existing structures. These costs can vary widely based on the land's condition and the extent of the required work. For example, in areas like Black Forest, where the terrain can be more rugged and wooded, the cost of clearing and preparing the land can be higher. Environmental considerations, such as preserving natural features or complying with local regulations, can also add to the cost. It's important to factor in these preparation costs when budgeting for your custom home project, as they can vary depending on the land's characteristics.


Land Costs in Key Areas of El Paso County

As we briefly mentioned, the location of your land will affect its cost. Let's explore a few of Colorado's most popular areas to build a custom home. 


How much does Land Cost in Black Forest, Colorado?

Black Forest, known for its serene landscapes, offers land that varies in cost depending on proximity to amenities and development level. Raw, rural land typically falls on the lower end of the price spectrum, while more developed plots with spectacular scenery near schools and stores command higher prices. In Black Forest, Colorado, expect to see land that's 3-5 acres with average costs of $250K to $800K.  


How much does Land Cost in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

In Colorado Springs, land prices reflect the balance between urban convenience and scenic beauty. The cost of land here is heavily influenced by its development status and location. Because Colorado Springs also encompasses more densely populated areas and access to essential amenities like utilities, schools, and shopping centers, the cost of land will be higher. Expect land in Colorado Springs that ranges from 1 acre to 5 acres to cost between $250K to over $1M. 


How much does Land Cost in Monument, Colorado?

Monument offers a blend of small-town charm and natural beauty. As in other areas, land prices in this area are shaped by factors such as development level and access to utilities and local amenities, like shopping and schools. In Monument, Colorado, expect land that is .5 acres to 5 acres to cost between $200K to $600K. 


Your perfect land for your perfect custom home

Navigating the complexities of land purchase in El Paso County requires careful consideration of various factors, from utility access to soil conditions. Elk Ridge Custom Homes not only offers expert guidance in custom home construction but can also connect future homeowners with realtors to find the perfect plot of land. For those dreaming of building a custom home in Colorado, contacting Elk Ridge Custom Homes is an excellent first step toward making that dream a reality. Let's schedule a consultation to start you off on the right foot! 

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